About Satya

Satya Graha was born and raised in Northern California and has called Kauai home for the last five years. She is passionate about the beauty this island holds; and embraces the loving aloha that is at the heart of precious Kauai and all it’s people.

Her formal training includes a BA in Liberal Studies and Graduate Degree in Education from San Jose State University. After years of teaching she later went on to obtain her Massage Therapy License, Watsu Certification (Zen Shiatsu in water) and Ministry License with the Universal Life Church. A two year intensive study program at a Buddhist Retreat Center provided a deeper understanding of the path she found herself undertaking. This path has taken Satya to many locations throughout the world.

Decades of deep inquiry into the true nature of things has given Satya the motivation and inspiration to cultivate what she holds to be her gift to the world. Simple and direct, she speaks and leads meditation groups with an invitation to directly experience ourselves as we are. She brings this element in all her work and communion with others.

She is a Licensed Hawaiian Lomi Massage Therapist, Omni Faith Minister, Wedding Officiant, Transpersonal Ceremony Facilitator, and Inspirational Teacher. She was a competitive triathlete and marathon runner for many years and now enjoys running, swimming and paddle boarding as a meaningful way to connect to herself and to the natural beauty of Kauai.

Every aspect of her work is devoted to this path of service. Satya’s wish is to bring this sincere offering to all those she meets. Her invitation is to simply recognize and love yourself as you truly are.....pure, whole and free.

Satya Graha  “Truth Force” - Sanskrit

“Love says “I am everything”. Wisdom says “I am nothing”.Between the two, my life flows”.

-Nisargatta Maharaj-

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“Loving Touch For Spiritual Healing”