Hawaiian Temple Lomi is a flowing, nurturing form of bodywork based on an ancient, shamanic rite of passage that was originally designed to enlighten the being in the physical body. This sacred practice incorporates movement, breath, dance, and the power of intention, prayer and presence.  This art has been passed down by shamanic teachers committed to sharing their knowledge of this sacred tradition.

Lomi Lomi is sometimes referred to as "Loving Hands" massage. Lomi massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes. This technique focuses on finding congested areas in the body and dispersing them, by using the palms, thumbs, knuckles and forearms in rhythmic, dance-like motions. Some people have described this as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body. Gentle stretches of the body and gentle rotations of the joints are also incorporated to assist in the release of tension. Lomi massage promotes a deep sense of relaxation, allowing the body to relax, give in and simply be. 

Being present in each moment and offering total love and acceptance is at the heart of this sacred practice. Movement is the natural rhythm of the universe. When we stop moving -- physically, emotionally or spiritually -- parts of our being become dormant. As we move or allow those parts of ourselves to be touched, we reconnect with, heal, and remember who we are.

Lomi Lomi is a ceremony of transformation. By releasing old blockages to energy flow and breathing in spirit we can transform our lives. Clients should come prepared with intention for what they would like to release, heal, or call into their lives.

I hold a sacred space, allowing each individual to have their unique experience to discover, acknowledge and embrace all aspects of who they are. We acknowledge that healing comes from within and that the ultimate choice, power and responsibility of our lives comes from ourselves, and our connection to the divine. We often need to slow down, listen to inner wisdom and integrate the experience of the sacredness of our divinity into our daily lives.

For me, it is a blessing to share the power and beauty of this work and witness individuals awakening to themselves on such an intimate, soul level.

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“Loving Touch For Spiritual Healing”

Hawaiian Temple Lomi