-Bringing Aloha to your Ceremony-

Ceremony is most meaningful when it connects us with ourselves, with others and with our Source. Ceremony is consciously intended to be a celebration of life; whether a marriage, life transition or healing in nature, ceremony presents a unique opportunity to honor and reveal the Sacred in our lives.

Satya offers a non-denominational service for those planning a wedding, commitment ceremony, vow renewal, funeral or memorial ceremony. Satya focuses on the values you hold most precious. She works closely with you to provide a safe and loving space to support the wishes of the family members. She celebrates your devotion and commitment as well as to acknowledge and honor the Sacredness of any transition.

By creating a time and space for Sacred ceremony, we can affirm our readiness to honor what has gone before and to embrace what lies ahead. When family members and friends are included in this way, there is an enhancement of strength and love. Ceremony allows us to join and bond when we are bringing two families together, celebrating new life, or paying tribute to a life well lived.

Satya is a Licensed and Ordained Minister in both California and Hawai’i. Her  ceremonies are a beautiful weaving of familiar non-denominational customs   with ancient and modern Hawaiian traditions.

As a ceremony facilitator, Satya holds a powerful transformational space for any life changing time. Working closely with the Wisdom of the ancestors, she brings  attentive caring presence to honor, affirm, and strengthen the intention of the individual or group. The weaving of simple Hawaiian traditions into each ceremony lends  itself to a richer and deeper connection with the island of Kauai and the Aloha Spirit.

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“Loving Touch For Spiritual Healing”

Weddings and Sacred Ceremonies